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Human resources management and payroll software
Plucom HRPay
based human resources management and payroll software is a comprehensive, flexible and affordable cloud-based solution for human resources management and employee payroll processing. It eliminate the stress HR managers normally go throught while trying to put everything together and stay up to date. With just few clicks, you will have 100% control and management of all your employee records, a comprehensive dashboard give you overview of company directory, tasks, requests, leaves and travels, expenses, payroll records, calculated, disbursement, tax deducationss and lots more.

Get unparallel freedom of choice, boost your business value with customer-proven best practice and simplify your business infrastructure for alignment and scale. Plucom HRPay is an essential and powerful tool to run your entire human resources department.

Human resources information system  Easy to use
Payroll processing management Comprehensive
Requests and tasks management Flexible
HR documents management Cloud based
Employee self-service Secured data storage
Contacts and communications 24/7 support

Human resources management and payroll software
 Sophisticated employee database solution that helps in human resource management with ease, consistency and accuracy.
Featuring powerful and fully integrated reporting tools, our solution offers you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent in managing staff records
Analyze workforce capabilities Track employee records
Help your organization to analyze workforce capabilities and optimize the use of human capital. Organizations rely on consistent and accurate information for strategic decision making and this requires a holistic view of their work force. Track the attendants efficiency of your staff accurately by automating the maintenance of leave and attendance data. The time consuming task of keeping track of attendance data and answering leave queries is handled by the attendance management module. Integrated with time attendant management device that will capture time-in and time-out of employee.

Payroll Processing
 Sophisticated employee database solution that helps in human resource management with ease, consistency and accuracy. Featuring powerful and fully integrated reporting tools, our solution offers you a clear insight into organizational resources, minimizing the time spent in managing staff records
Payroll processing Approval workflow
Payroll module is handle all aspects of payroll processing for businesses across industries. Xpert payroll modules is  automated to support complex statutory deductions. Employee self-service module offers a comprehensive solution that considers leaves, loans, advances, overtime, incentives, bonus, etc. Payroll calculation process made Within 2-3 minutes, with just few clicks and steps, you will successfully complete running your periodic employee pays. It's simple and quick. Run >> Calculate >> Review >> Approve >> Disburse

Features of HRPay

HRPay is comprehensive, effective, affordable and easy-to-use.
See below key features and benefit of the application module by module
HR modules Payroll modules
Comprehensive dashboard
HR Administration
Company Directory
Emplooyee Records
Employee communication
Employee transfer
Attendants management
Travel & Expenses
Employee self-service
Leave management
Performance appraisal
Payroll management
Salary heads calculation
Taxes & deductions
Expense and travels deductions
Payroll reports
Benefits of HRPay
Below are list of key benefit your human resources will derive with HRpay
A centralized system of all HR data including creating and storing of comprehensive employee records.
Enables employees to view their personal details and update data.
Ensures that your employee data is safe from any security breach or hardware failures with regular back-ups and secure servers.
Collect employee skills, competency and strenght records to help in extensive resources management
Improves effectiveness of human resource management and monitoring of all HR processes ensuring timely handling of tasks. Manage HR transactions related to Leave requests, expenses, requests for training, travel requests and complaints.
Reduces time spent in employee attendance management. Calculate and apply statutory deductions i.e tax, pension, etc
Overview of leaves details such as leave credit, leave taken and leave balances for all employee.  Generate reports regarding salary payouts, deductions, reimbursements, loans, advances, etc
Allows multiple salary structures for different salary grades with the flexibility to vary the salary for employees in the same grade Automated pay slip, bank report, salary heads generation and delivery to employee emails.
Generates cost accounting reports such as wage reports and management reports. Manages overtime pay and performance incentives to employee

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Getting started
Purchasing and implementing our software solution is  only the beginning.
Once the it is up and running, support becomes key to long-term success
Our support staff is available 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week.

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If you required additional customization or you want to deploy on-premise, please contact contact our sales team.
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